We partner with founders and leaders in three pivotal company stages


Getting product & tech at your startup off the ground.

What we do

MVP development
Web & mobile app development
Product-Market-Fit strategy
Product discovery & research
Tech foundation & strategy
Product & tech recruitment
Junto x Sonic collaboration video


Ensuring fast growth with excellent product and tech.

What we do

Web & mobile app development
Hypergrowth tech strategy
Detailed tech stack review
Preparation for fundraising tech due diligence
Interim product & engineering leadership
Product & engineering recruitment
Enter x Sonic collaboration video


Driving corporate innovation through products and technology.

What we do

MVP development
Web & mobile app development
Innovation & venture strategy
Product & tech org design
Venture building
Agency in-sourcing
GLSNXT x Sonic collaboration video

We call them Partners

We discover, plan and develop outstanding technology products with innovative and disruptive companies.


Relational Databases
Travel & commerce
Flats marketplace
Fitness & longevity
Personal branding
Lifestyle products delivery
Travel experiences
Learning & development
Last-mile delivery


Home retrofitting
Virtual pizza chain
Restaurant discovery
Grocery delivery
Learning & development


Networking & investments

Our collaboration values

We are a value-driving company and our commitment to selected partnership values is what sets us apart.

Extreme Ownership

At Sonic, we live the value of "Extreme Ownership". This means fully immersing ourselves in our partners' world, taking 100% responsibility and handle work streams proactively and end-to-end. As such, we have been on site with GLS/NXT to launch the digital parcel locker experience and drive their logistics operations or we work in Milano Vice Restaurants to identify and solve problems directly on the ground with our Partners.

A person standing in front of a GLS mailbox
A person coding

Product Quality

Quality is at the core of every product we create. From launching a cutting-edge MVP at high speed to meticulously refining the final 5% of a large product update, our commitment to quality is embedded in every line of code. We optimize for exceptional product outcomes from rigorous testing prior to a large-scale launch to quick releases and iterations in early product stages. We ensure our products meet the highest standards. As Charles Eames said, 'The details are not the details. They make the product.'

Being Present

At Sonic, we understand that while much can be accomplished remotely, true collaboration thrives with face-to-face interaction. We prioritize being present for our Partners by making ourselves readily available as any internal team member. We make an extra effort to spend time in-person, organize on-site workshops and regular co-working sessions to facilitate meaningful in-person collaboration with our Partners.

Three people at a table working
A group of people at a table in a meeting room

People First

We prioritize people because we believe that exceptional products stem from an empowered team. That is why we make sure that people come first. Our team-centric approach and supportive work environment extends to our Partners, as we prioritize building strong relationships based on trust, open communication and genuine honesty. By nurturing our relationships, we ensure that our team and Partners alike feel empowered to achieve their best work.

Testimonials from our customers

We call our customers Partners since we build every collaboration as a true partnership.

"We brought Sonic on board because we wanted to speed up the development of our new software tool in a smooth and planned manner. Sonic was involved in product planning and also responsible for programming the front and back ends. I am extremely grateful for Sonic's ownership and strategic guidance, and I was overjoyed that we achieved our common goals. Developing new products with Sonic is a no-brainer for us."

Céline Flores Willers
CEO of The People Branding Company

“Working with the Sonic team is an incredible accelerator for the development of GLS/NXT. Their expertise in organizational design, recruitment, product and technology strategy is exactly what we needed after launching GLS/NXT. We look forward to disrupting the logistics industry together!”

Maximilian Schreiber
Co-Lead @GLS/NXT | Head of Private Consumer Business at GLS Germany

“We have been truly excited about our partnership with Sonic. Their entire team is highly professional and goes above and beyond to build the best possible product experience for our customers. Their help has been invaluable as we have been shifting towards more scalable, technology-driven processes and prepare for the next stage of growth and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership into the future.“

Justus Menten
Co-Founder & CEO at Enter

"By partnering with Sonic, we immediately had an experienced group of people available to discover, plan and build technology for us. We needed solutions fast and that is what Sonic delivered. Since then, we have expanded our collaboration continuously and we are happy to have them on our side as continuous supporters, advisors and builders of technology for Milano Vice."

Rudolf Donauer
Co-Founder & CEO at Milano Vice

"Working with Sonic was an absolute game-changer for bootstrapping our engineering operation. Every day, the team worked with positive energy, pragmaticisim, and deep technical proficiency. Even from day 1, we were able to start shipping features and learning from one-another. There was no task too small or too big, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with."

Kyle Kinsey
Founding Engineer at Tidalflow

"Working with Patrick and Magnus during my time at Gorillas was a fantastic experience. Both of them are highly effective leaders that grew our organization at a rapid pace. Their extensive knowledge in defining large scale product and technology systems enabled us to discover, develop and scale a wide range of products quickly, and to deliver a revolutionary experience to customers at Gorillas."

Barbara Orsingher
Director of Product & Design at Aware Health

"I knew from the beginning of my recruitment process that collaborating with the Sonic team would be amazing. They are incredibly proactive and engaged and care about the Junto product as if it was their own. Their technical excellence guided us to achieve a well set up and scalable infrastructure of our learner and admin platform and enabled us to focus on what is most important: Our learners and customers at Junto."

Rebecca Görres
Head of Product at Junto

"We experienced Sonic as true partners who redefined our notion re shipping speed and quality. You can throw most of your classic thinking of an 'agency' out of the window when it comes to Sonic. 10/10 in terms of execution, and most importantly 10/10 in terms of strategic thinking and pro-active ownership."

Sebastian Jorna
Co-Founder & CEO at Tidalflow

"Joining Junto as Head of Engineering, I had the pleasure of working with and being onboarded by Sonic. I was impressed by the technical foundation and the level of product quality that Sonic had built in such a short timeframe. Their role as a strategic and technical sparring partner has proven to be truly impactful for Junto!"

Adrian Gheorghe
Head of Engineering at Junto

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