March - December 2022
Sonic Team
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member


Sonic collaborated with fleat. to revolutionize their last-mile delivery operations, developing an end-to-end logistics platform that automated processes, optimized rider management, and enhanced user experience, leading to seamless operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.


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Our Work

As many similar operationally heavy business models, fleat. faced significant challenges in scaling operational processes through technology. In particular, managing rider operations efficiently was key at the start of the business but required manual work through email, phone, and spreadsheets. Together with fleat.’s founders Frank and Leo, the Sonic team started to discover, plan, and develop an end-to-end logistics platform, supporting UI interfaces for complex order submission, backend validation, and routing, including service area and time management as well as routing and payment processing. By leveraging Sonic's power, fleat. was able to automate and digitalize their entire customer journey from order submission receipt generation to end-customer communication. Through fast integrations with third-party tools such as OnFleet, fleat. efficiently managed their riders based on existing and upcoming routes as well as historical utilization data. This allowed fleat. to run its operations smoothly with little to no manual work and ultimately provide a great user experience.

Project Outline

"Sonic opened a new chapter inside our startup. We build technology faster, more scalable and more reliably than our competitors. Our teams focused on what matters, the Sonic team takes care of the rest."

Leo Seitz
Co-Founder at fleat.

About fleat.

The Berlin-based Startup fleat. enables companies to easily and efficiently offer last-mile deliveries to their end-customers. By managing a fleet of external riders and optimizing their utilization, fleat. provides timely last-mile delivery routes more efficiently and affordably than before. Large customers such as Gorillas, Beat & Roots, Wolt, Dean & David and more have relied on fleat.’s services.