From November 2023 (ongoing)
Sonic Team
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member


Sonic collaborates closely with NeoTaste, providing strategic guidance and tech expertise to optimize their app's foundation, manage external engineering efforts, and shape the product roadmap and organizational structure. As such, we help NeoTaste to drive their expansion across Germany and enhance the dining experience for +500.000 users.


Engineering Strategy
Technology Strategy
Product Strategy
Organization Design

Our Work

Our collaboration with NeoTaste commenced with a focus on Tech Due Diligence, ensuring the robustness and scalability of their app's technological foundation. Recognizing the potential of faster release cycles and more efficient development, we took on the challenge of managing their external engineering agency. Beyond streamlining the engineering efforts, we help NeoTaste's leadership team in shaping the company's product roadmap and organizational structure. Our involvement further comprises strategic planning around team structures and hiring processes, ensuring a seamless integration of product and engineering teams. This strategic planning was instrumental in aligning NeoTaste's long-term vision with its operational capabilities. Our partnership with NeoTaste exemplifies our role in providing strategic guidance and advisory services to not only enhance the dining experience for users through the app but also establish a robust foundation for the platform's sustained growth and expansion.

Project Outline

About NeoTaste

NeoTaste is changing the way people explore dining experiences. Through its innovative app, NeoTaste invites users to discover new restaurants and access, book, and enjoy exclusive deals. Having succeeded its Series A funding of €21 million led by Earlybird, the platform is now rapidly expanding its presence across Europe. NeoTaste's approach to culinary is about rediscovering cities through their food culture, making dining out more accessible and exciting.