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From October 2023 (ongoing)
Sonic Team
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member


In the partnership with The People Branding Company, Sonic swiftly transitioned from a strategic advisory role to hands-on development, co-developing The People Branding Company's digital platform for corporate influencers, empowering content creators with personalized content strategy and writing assistance.


Product Strategy
Engineering Strategy
Backend Development
Web App Development

Our Work

Our collaboration with The People Branding Company began with Sonic stepping into a strategic advisory role, focusing on key technical decisions around the tech stack. Recognizing the internal team's staffing challenges, we quickly transitioned to hands-on development, building the first product version within just 1.5 months. This rapid development was crucial in bringing the team’s vision to life, providing a platform that resonates with the needs of modern content creators. Our involvement extended beyond development; we quickly took on engineering leadership and people management responsibility of the small internal engineering team. Our partnership with The People Branding Company reflects Sonic's ability to adapt and respond to the unique challenges of a startup, aligning our technological expertise with the creative vision and knowledge of the founders. 

Project Outline

"We brought Sonic on board because we wanted to speed up the development of our new software tool in a smooth and planned manner. Sonic was involved in product planning and also responsible for programming the front and back ends. I am extremely grateful for Sonic's ownership and strategic guidance, and I was overjoyed that we achieved our common goals. Developing new products with Sonic is a no-brainer for us."

Céline Flores Willers
CEO of The People Branding Company

About The People Branding Company

​​The People Branding Company, renowned for its expertise in personal and corporate branding, specializes in transforming individuals and businesses into effectively communicating brands. Led by one of Germany's most influential business voices, Céline Flores Willers, the team aimed to leverage their branding expertise to build a digital platform next to their consulting services that assists content creators on LinkedIn. The platform helps creators define their personal content strategy, suggest topic inspirations, and craft posts in their unique tone of voice.