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From May 2022 (ongoing)
Sonic Team
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Sonic has been partnering with Milano Vice to discover, plan and build the technical infrastructure behind their quickly growing virtual pizza chain, including projects in data infrastructure, ordering technology, third-party vendor integrations and first-party Milano Vice ordering app.


Technology Strategy
Product Management
Product Strategy
Backend Development
Web App Development

Our Work

After laying the operational groundwork for the launch of their business, the Milano Vice leadership team concluded that a sophisticated technology stack was needed to scale significantly. Milano Vice partnered with us to build a reliable technical setup for their Supply Chain and Operations to become a truly tech-enabled company. Sonic created powerful internal applications, implemented a solid and scalable data reporting infrastructure, and developed technological approaches to challenges in Supply Chain and Operations. As understanding Milano Vice’s growth mechanisms in depth was crucial, we provided product management in addition to engineering support and strategic product and technology guidance.

Project Outline

"By partnering with Sonic, we immediately had an experienced group of people available to discover, plan and build technology for us. We needed solutions fast and that is what Sonic delivered. Since then, we have expanded our collaboration continuously and we are happy to have them on our side as continuous supporters, advisors and builders of technology for Milano Vice."

Rudolf Donauer
Co-Founder & CEO at Milano Vice

About Milano Vice

Milano Vice is the fastest-growing virtual food brand in Germany. The Berlin-based team revolutionizes the food delivery industry by collaborating with local partners to provide the best food and best-in-class customer experience to every neighborhood. Currently focused on pizza delivery, the startup has the opportunity to expand across categories and countries. Recently, Milano Vice announced a €5.9 million seed round with renowned VCs, such as Speedinvest and Coefficient Capital.