Sameday Health

2020 - 2022
Sonic Team
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The Sonic team collaborated closely with Sameday Health during the COVID-19 response to rapidly develop and scale their end-to-end booking flow. This flow became the company's core digital product, processing up to 40k bookings per day for tens of millions of patients, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards nationwide healthcare access.


Organization Design
Product Management
Product Strategy
Engineering Strategy
Backend Development
Web App Development
iOS Engineering

Our Work

During the initial wave of COVID-19 response, time to market mattered enormously for Sameday Health. Sebastian, David, and the extended team rapidly scoped the infrastructure for the Sameday Health end-to-end booking flow, which turned into the company's core digital product. With strongly rising testing numbers, the technology system had to continuously be adjusted and extended, making it one of the most extensive technology products in terms of scale and revenue processed that our team has worked on to date.

Project Outline

"David, Sebastian and the team made a true impact at Sameday Health. We would not have been able to scale our technology systems as fast as we needed to without their product management and engineering. They built an infrastructure that processed millions of tests, including payments, in a matter of months. I am very grateful for their support of Sameday Health!"

Felix Huettenbach
Co-Founder at Sameday Health

About Sameday Health

Sameday Health is an US-American healthcare company with locations nationwide. Having started during the COVID-19 pandemic with services in COVID-19 testing, the startup from Los Angeles rapidly grew into 50 testing locations within a few months. The company has since expanded into other healthcare categories, such as wellness products, rapid Flu and strep testing, or primary, urgent care services.