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Our work

Following the workstream of introducing parcel lockers for GLS in Germany and creating the basis for scaling the newly created GLS/NXT into additional ventures, we launched an additional work stream for the private consumer business of GLS in Germany.

We started focusing on impactful improvements to the GLS consignee experience, especially the online parcel tracking. While discovering, planning and managing the process of a full redesign of the GLS track & trace experience, we realized that the existing GLS advertising product would have more potential, if the track & trace experience would get a significant redesign. Supporting both, the design process and the product management, we worked closely with GLS/NXT’s business development to leverage the new track & trace design for their existing advertisement product. With its launch in the last quarter of 2023, it will be rolled out for all GLS direct-to-consumer consignees in Germany in the first half of 2024.

While quickly driving the development process of this new solution, the ongoing business development efforts were immediately successful in closing the first advertising customers and signing a partnership with the third-largest advertising publisher in the world.

Project Outline

“The Sonic team played a pivotal role in the discovery, planning and fast development of the next iteration of our new track & trace experience and thus opening up a new opportunity to significantly grow our advertising business and win one of the most relevant advertising companies in the world as one of our first partners.”

Maximilian Schreiber
Co-Lead at GLS/NXT | Head of Private Consumer Business Germany at GLS

About GLS Germany

GLS Germany is part of the internationally operating General Logistics Systems B.V. and offers reliable, high-quality parcel services for customers throughout Germany. With a network of over 70 depots and regional hubs, supported by a modern fleet and innovative IT solutions, GLS Germany delivers millions of parcels daily. As part of these efforts, GLS Germany has recently introduced parcel lockers and is currently developing the new GLS/NXT to diversify its service offerings and meet the needs of a growing customer base.