From February 2023 - May 2024
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Sonic collaborated closely with deeploi to develop a user-friendly, secure, and scalable IT management platform, driving streamlined workflows and enhancing device visibility. Hence, we contributed to deeploi reaching €6 million seed funding, marking a significant milestone towards their vision of becoming Europe's #1 IT Operating System.


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Our Work

The partnership began with a deep dive into deeploi's vision and IT workflows, aiming to simplify and centralize IT management while enhancing security and visibility. Sonic's team, leveraging our extensive experience in product and technology strategy and product development, worked closely with deeploi to bring this vision to life. The development of the MVP was a critical step, delivering a user-friendly, secure, and scalable platform that facilitated workflows like employee onboarding and efficient device and employee management. After the rapid MVP development, continuous development and stability were key to ensuring that the platform evolved in line with deeploi's expanding market presence and customer demands. Alongside the technological development and strategy, Sonic played a pivotal part in recruitment. Sonic's role in hiring key positions such as the Head of Engineering, Senior Full Stack Engineer, and Senior Product Manager was instrumental in bringing on board individuals who could drive deeploi's vision forward, enhancing their engineering and product capabilities.

Project Outline

About deeploi

In February 2023, Sonic embarked on a transformative journey with deeploi, a visionary IT-as-a-Service company aspiring to become Europe's #1 IT Operating System. deeploi's strong team and commitment to transforming IT complexities into streamlined solutions led them to their €3 million seed funding led by Cherry Ventures. The challenge was to develop a complex MVP within only a few months that not only addressed immediate IT management needs but also laid a foundation for rapid scaling.