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Supersonic helps engineers to work with relational databases, their users and permissions through a simple UI interface, turning a common frustration into a smooth and productive process. Developed from frictions in our own workflows, we designed Supersonic to make working with databases more enjoyable for engineers and product managers.


App Development
UX / UI Design
Product Strategy
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Our Work

The development of Supersonic originated from our own search for a better, more intuitive way to manage relational databases. We found existing tools to be overloaded and user-unfriendly, leading us to believe there had to be a better way to work with databases. Motivated by this need, we created Supersonic, a platform built from scratch to tackle the daily challenges faced by our engineers. Our team dedicated themselves to designing, developing, and refining a user interface to make the work with databases a joyful experience. This approach ensured that every feature of Supersonic, such as clickable foreign keys for smooth table navigation, advanced filtering, and easy sharing of views, is tailored to meet the needs of product managers and engineers.

Leading up to the beta release in March 2024, we initiated an extensive beta testing period, inviting a select group of engineers, product managers, and operators to test Supersonic and share their insights. This testing phase is vital for fine-tuning the platform to meet user requirements comprehensively. Through dedicated and ongoing enhancements, we've developed a tool that we're confident will significantly improve the work lives of anyone involved in managing relational databases.

Project Outline

About Supersonic

Supersonic is a minimalistic relational database solution aimed at simplifying day-to-day work with databases. Through its minimalist interface, we enable engineers to navigate and manage relational databases, their users, and permissions. Our core mission with Supersonic is to democratize data access within organizations, enhancing productivity and decision-making processes at every level. Launched in March 2024 for our beta phase, Supersonic marks our first own product and venture, extending beyond our work with partners. This development underscores our commitment to remarkable tech products.