2020 - 2022
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Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member


Patrick and Magnus spearheaded Gorillas' growth, scaling its product and engineering team from 2 to over 130 within 1.5 years, catalyzing its transformation from a small Berlin startup to a global leader and phenomenon.


Organization Design
Product Strategy
Engineering Strategy
Product Management

Our Work

Patrick and Magnus joined Gorillas shortly after the company had raised their Series A funding. With only their CTO on board at this point, the company had no active product and engineering department. Within 1.5 years, Patrick, Magnus, and additional leadership team members scaled the product & engineering organization from 2 to more than 130 people who worked on various customer-facing and internal products. During this time, the two of them built a multitude of teams, in which Lukas and Daniela joined them, among many others. The duo collected this experience before Sonic was officially founded.

Project Outline

"Working with Patrick and Magnus during my time at Gorillas was a fantastic experience. Both of them are highly effective leaders that grew our organization at a rapid pace. Their extensive knowledge in defining large scale product and technology systems enabled us to discover, develop and scale a wide range of products quickly, and to deliver a revolutionary experience to customers at Gorillas."

Barbara Orsingher
Director of Product & Design at Aware Health

About Gorillas

Founded in 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gorillas, the 10-minute grocery startup from Berlin, quickly turned into a global phenomenon. Faced with the incredible demand for a never-before-seen service, the company raised more than $1B within less than two years and rapidly grew to thousands of employees. The startup quickly expanded all over Europe and even into the US, and rival Getir acquired it in 2022.