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Culture at Sonic

Culture is how the company's values are being lived on a daily basis. For us, transparency, empathy, humility and learning are as important as ambition and ownership. Our diverse partner projects span different scales and industries, offering immense learning experiences. Regular product demos offer a stage for mutual shoutouts, applauding our engineering and product achievements. In this cohesive and caring environment, we constantly inspire and challenge each other. And amidst the work, we never lose sight of fun. It's not just about what we do, but how we do it together. Our co-founder Patrick shares more in an episode of his Quick Coffee podcast.

Group picture with 11 people standing and sittingtwo people talkingthree people behind a macbookTwo people sitting in chairs, laugingTwo people in front of a laptopThree people sitting in chairs talkingTwo people sitting in chairs talking
two people talkingthree people behind a macbookTwo people sitting in chairs, laugingTwo people in front of a laptopThree people sitting in chairs talkingTwo people sitting in chairs talkingGroup picture with 11 people standing and sitting

Hybrid working

We believe in a hybrid of remote work flexibility and quality time spent in person. Every quarter, we gather for an unforgettable, productive and exciting offsite in a selected destination.

Barcelona ‘22

About Barcelona

During our very first offsite, we went to Barcelona, a city buzzing with energy, good food, and the joy of life. Our agenda? Mastering wakeboarding near Camp Nou, navigating the waves with standup paddling, and kick-starting our routine of culture workshops during offsites.

A combination of co-working at our Airbnb as well as strolling around the city to explore restaurants recommendations made this first Sonic offsite a great experience.

Tuscany ‘23

About Tuscany

In the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, the Sonic team found an idyllic setting for our offsite. We explored the world of wine with Aron's exquisite tasting sessions, pairing our discussions on politics or childhood stories. A sandcastle-building competition on the shores brought out playful creativity and competitiveness, while our shared love for Tiramisu sweetened our evenings.

The offsite culminated in a scenic but tiring hike in the blazing sun through Cinque Terre, symbolizing our team spirit and resilience. In these moments, we celebrate not just our work at Sonic but the joy of being together.

Belgium ‘23

About Belgium

For our spring offsite, the Sonic team traveled to the heart of Belgium, to the charming area around Namur. Here, amidst historical majesty and serene landscapes, we embarked on a self-organized scavenger hunt, with each clue leading us deeper into confusion, and on a climbing garden, with each step bringing us further beyond our comfort zones.

The thrill of discovery and first-times was matched only by the collective horse ride through the Belgian countryside, whose perception varied widely among our team members from being the greatest adventure to a peaceful stroll. These moments, set against the backdrop of Belgium's beautiful countryside, were more than just a break from work; they were a celebration of our team spirit.

Careers at Sonic

Join an all-star team that values fun, culture and impact. Learn more about working at Sonic and our open roles.

Our ecosystem partners

Many Sonic projects already involve one or several of our ecosystem partners, and we are continuously expanding the number of companies we partner with.

We are proud to be collaborating with Blossom as our design partner for Sonic projects.

Our co-founder Patrick is contributing to Sonic's startup ecosystem with his podcast & angel investments at Quick Coffee.

Though our project work is infrastructure agnostic, we are proud to partner with AWS in their AWS Activate program.

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