March 2022 (ongoing)
Sonic Team
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member
Portrait of a team member


Bounti partnered with Sonic to shape their product and engineering strategy, aiding in early-stage development and recruitment efforts, resulting in scalable solutions that empowered businesses to train and develop non-desk-based employees.


Product Strategy
Engineering Strategy

Our Work

After successfully raising their first major funding round, the Bounti founding team had customers willing to sign up for the product and start rolling it out to their employees. We connected quickly with Ziar and Deniz to go through their product and engineering strategy, review the steps to build a scalable product from the beginning and support them in recruitment and sales efforts. Our prior experience with companies such as Gorillas made it possible to craft the strategy and roadmap that have since enabled Bounti to sign up customers and scale its business.

Project Outline

"Reviewing our product and engineering strategy with seasoned founders from the Sonic team was incredibly beneficial early on. We were able to discuss our plans with people who have built large-scale software products before and identify what we needed to focus on."

Deniz Bayraktaroğlu
Co-Founder at bounti

About Bounti

Bounti is a B2B knowledge management and development platform that enables companies to educate and develop their deskless workforce. After having raised an angel round from top-tier angel investors, the Bounti team has built their first product version together with customers from the startup and corporate world.