From 2020 - 2021
Sonic Team
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Sonic collaborated with Arive to strategically outline scalable systems amidst rapid growth, aiding the startup in expanding its high-end product delivery services across Germany.


Technology Strategy
Product Strategy

Our Work

During our work with Arive, we explored different approaches to product and technology strategy with the two founders, Linus and Max, as well as with Arive's Head of Product, Arnon. Faced with rapid growth amid raising more than $20M, the startup needed systems from the very beginning that were built to scale, which we helped to outline strategically.

Project Outline

"Working with Patrick was an inspiring experience! His learnings at Gorillas, and from other last-mile startups, tremendously helped us prioritize our product and technology initiatives and to quickly move our app forward. I would be excited to work with him again in the future!"

Arnon Cavaeiro
Head of Product at Arive

About Arive

Arive emerged in 2021 amid the hype around lightning delivery services and ships products like Macbooks, pearl earrings, and vases - always from high-end brands. The company, founded in Munich, has since grown quickly and opened locations across Germany and even a store in Paris.