From August 2023 - March 2024
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Sonic's collaboration with Tidalflow played a pivotal role in guiding the startup's journey, from developing the initial product concept to a strategic pivot towards Fitness AI. This ongoing partnership led to the rapid development of two MVPs, showcasing Sonic's engagement and adaptibility capability in rapidly delivering effective solutions.


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Our Work

Sonic's collaboration with Tidalflow was pivotal in shaping the startup's trajectory. Our involvement began with a focus on Product Management and Strategy, where we provided crucial support to the leadership in developing a long-term product vision. This was complemented by our guidance in the startup’s engineering strategy, helping to lay a solid foundation for Tidalflow's technological growth. A significant milestone in our partnership was the rapid development and launch of Tidalflow's MVP. Initiated in August 2023, our team efficiently brought the MVP to market by the end of the month, showcasing our capability to deliver rapidly and effectively.

The journey took an exciting turn towards the end of November when Tidalflow pivoted to focus on Fitness AI, specializing in personalized workout generation and fitness coaching. This strategic shift was supported by Sonic's expertise in both technical and product aspects. We played an integral role in redefining the product's scope, facilitating discovery, and formulating a new strategy to find problem-solution fit in the Fitness AI domain. This pivot required a multifaceted approach, blending our engineering skills with a profound understanding of product discovery and market alignment. Our team's adaptability and strategic input were crucial in navigating this transition, enabling Tidalflow to effectively reposition itself in the competitive AI and fitness technology landscape.

Project Outline

"We experienced Sonic as true partners who redefined our notion re shipping speed and quality. You can throw most of your classic thinking of an 'agency' out of the window when it comes to Sonic. 10/10 in terms of execution, and most importantly 10/10 in terms of strategic thinking and pro-active ownership."

Sebastian Jorna
Co-Founder & CEO at Tidalflow

About Tidalflow

Tidalflow, an Amsterdam-based startup, has first emerged as a rising star in the AI plugin market. Founded in 2023, the startup's successful launch was marked by a significant funding milestone, securing $1.7 million in its initial round. Tidalflow soon recognized an opportunity in the Fitness AI space and quickly recognized the need to pivot into personalized workout generation and fitness coaching.