Johann Boch

Senior Software Engineer

Focus Areas

Web App Development
Backend Development
User Experience
UX / UI Design

About Johann

Johann is a Senior Software Engineer at Sonic and specializes in developing outstanding and rich web applications. He is very passionate about delivering the utmost quality and is deeply committed to elevating the user experience in any way possible.

Previously, Johann was Lead Frontend Engineer at Workwise, where he helped the company grow from 40 to, at the time of his departure, over 150 employees.

With his background in business and economics and his love for product and design, he and Aron founded in 2020. A brand for high-quality and minimalist kitchen and tableware. With well over 10,000 happy customers, they now sell Germany's top-rated cloth napkins.

Aside from work, Johann is an interior design enthusiast and spends a lot of his time reading and learning about the underlying concepts, brands and designers. He also enjoys playing the guitar and cooking Italian food, where he aspires to one day cook a carbonara at the level of Luciano Monosilio.