Eyk Rehbein

Senior Software Engineer

Focus Areas

Backend Development
Web App Development
User Experience

About Eyk

Eyk is a Senior Software Engineer at Sonic and focuses on the end-to-end implementation of web-based digital products. He shares a deep excitement for truly great user experiences with Johann and Aron and is part of the internal Sonic initiatives that move excellent engineering quality forward. Passionate about exploring innovative ideas and pushing projects, Eyk firmly believes that with the right team, one can successfully build anything imaginable.

Before joining Sonic, Eyk was a dual student at Deutsche Telekom and spent time working for Workwise, a recruitment marketplace. Eyk is a self-taught software engineer and has spent countless days and nights working on side projects that have enabled him to get where he is today.

When he's not coding or exploring new technologies, he enjoys sim racing or a good session in the gym while listening to the "Doppelgänger Tech Talk" Podcast.